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Coming Home - Curator

Curation of a group exhibition featuring 16 emerging artists, installed for the 2023 Strawberry Fields Festival in the temporary walls of the Bush Art Gallery. Coming Home invited artists to explore themes and feelings associated with returning, grounding and familiarity across a variety of mediums. 

Posted Home

Live mural painting for the April '23 poster wall at Revolver Upstairs. 
Ink and paper print, acrylic, 3.5x4m

Alone, Together

An installation conceptually driven to showcase the thought and contrasts of being alone, together. Pictures show artist projecting a collage of loved ones on FaceTime onto an abandoned lot in the Melbourne CBD during one of the states longest Covid-19 lockdowns.
Photo documentation by Asia Taylor

Pink Moon

Wine Label for Limus Wine, Mount Gambier SA
Photos by Asia Taylor